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About Gem’s Natural Skin Care

Gem’s idea started in her kitchen… Read more about Gem’s Philosophy

After studying aromatherapy, Gem researched all ingredients that helped relieve the symptoms of dry, sore skin, aiming to improve her mother’s skin complaint. Gem loves using all natural products and was delighted that it not only soothed the irritated skin but cleared it up within a few days! Her mum was amazed as she had suffered all her life!

Since that moment, word spread around the local community and suddenly everyone with dry skin and eczematous type complaints ( eczema ) started using Gem’s Cream (balm), with positive results. Now Gem’s Cream is becoming more widely known across the world, with stock in UK retailers and she used to run a very successful stall at Portobello Market in West London.

Gem’s Dry Skin Balm is homemade using 100% natural ingredients, our product is not tested on animals and we strive towards an ethical, environmentally friendly and holistic approach to business.


Gem aims to give her customers genuine, home-made products, provided using natures resources, with an honest, efficient service. All the while, keeping in mind where her idea originated, in her home kitchen.

Read more about Gem’s Philosophy.

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