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  • Gems Cream - September-19-19

Upcycling for lipbalms!

Very pleased to have an upcycled piece of old banister made into lipbalm holders - no more cascading dominos of lipbalms anymore.  Such a simple yet effective solution!  

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  • Gems Cream - June-20-19

Now stocked in London and Totnes!

  I am delighted to now be stocked in two of my favourite health shops!!   The Grocery in Shoreditch, London, which has a huge range of products, very helpful staff and a beautiful cafe..

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  • Gems Cream - March-21-19

Take a peek into how Gem makes her balms….

  Standard little cream making day with tea breaks and a lot of LOVE going into each pot ! [video width="720" height="720" mp4=""][/video]  

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  • Gems Cream - December-14-16

Treatment for Bad Eczema

A Testimonial about Treatment for Bad Eczema My 4 year old daughter has had "bad" eczema for several years. The doctors have prescribed steroid creams (which we use only when it gets "really" bad and refuse..

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  • Gems Cream - November-10-16

Cracked Sore Skin Treatment

A Mum's Cracked Sore Skin Treatment Testimonial If anyone is a little unsure whether to buy this cream……. don't hesitate – do it!!! It was the BEST decision i ever made! my 6 month has..

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  • Gems Cream - November-3-16

Eczema and Dry Skin

Eczema and Dry Skin Treatment Testimonial by Tina from Buckinghamshire I have 3 girls all who have suffered from horrible eczema and dry skin .. Sophie’s skin would crack and bleed, she would cry in..

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  • Gems Cream - October-18-16

Eczema on Hands

Rachael Quinn Used Gem's Dry Skin Balm on the Eczema on her Hands I have suffered with eczema for the last 7 years, with particularly bad patches on my hands. At times these have become so..

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  • Gems Cream - October-7-16

Natural Eczema Cream

Gem of Gem's Natural Skin Care Writes About Using a Natural Eczema Cream. Looking for an natural eczema cream that works for you can be an arduous task. What works for you and your skin type..

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  • Gems Cream - October-2-16

Choosing a Cream for Dry Skin

Information to Help with Choosing a Cream for Dry Skin Problems. Searching for and choosing a cream for dry skin troubles can be a perplexing task. There are huge varieties of creams available on the..

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