Children’s Dry Skin Relief

Children’s Dry Skin Relief

Children’s Dry Skin Relief – Katie Tells Gem about her son Noah’s (aged 3) dry skin relief from using Gem’s Cream.

My 3 yr old son has been suffering on and off since he was a baby with dry skin and eczema. It is particularly bad behind his legs, where it is often red raw. Sometimes he finds walking painful as he backs of his legs are so sore. He used to cry with the pain and I’d have to put him in a cold bath to relieve the pain. We have visited the doctors and a dermatologist over the years, and have used all the regular creams, emollients and steroids. All have which may have dulled it for a short while, but in the long run aggravated it and made it worse. I thought we would just have to live with it, seeing as the doctors couldn’t help. The final straw came when applying a doctors prescribed cream one night to his legs, and he cried ‘no more cream, it’s so painful’.
I came across a recommendation for Gems cream and was extremely impressed to find such a natural product. I had decided to stop using any chemicals on his skin, so thought I had nothing to lose. I have been using it twice a day, for less than a week and you can see for yourself the difference in the pictures below. I honestly can’t thank you enough for making sure a fantastic product that is so gentle. It really is full of goodness, and the evidence is in his legs which are almost completely clear.
I am so grateful for this product, it has not only brought relief to my son, but a relief to me to find something that has finally helped him.

Katie-May-2016-before-300x232 Katie-May-2016-after

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