Eczema Cream

Can Gem’s Dry Skin Balm be used as an eczema cream? – Yes! Many people looking for an effective eczema treatment use Gem’s Dry Skin Balm as an eczema cream.

Natural Dry Skin Balm

Facts about Eczema

Around 1 in 12 adults in the UK are affected by eczema. There are various types:

  • Atopic eczema (creases of joints, tends to be genetic, may suffer from asthma too)
  • Seborrhoeic eczema (tend to be around the scalp/face, often a reaction to naturally occurring yeasts on the skin)
  • Discoid or Nummular eczema (body trunk, lower legs often appears as coin shapes)
  • Gravitational or Varicose eczema (often elderly, lower legs – if left untreated, can result in ulcers)
  • Contact dermatitis/eczema (frequent contact with everyday things such as soap – allergic sensitivity to a specific substance)


Atopic eczema is the most common form and tends to be genetic. The skin is usually dry, itchy, scaly, red and can be sore, raw and bleed.  For more facts, visit:

Have a read of a few of our testimonials on the testimonials page.

Gem’s Tips

I am not a medical practitioner! However, these are some useful recommendations I offer to my customers

Gem’s Experiences

After speaking face to face with many eczema sufferers at markets/fayres and shows over the last few years, I have learnt the main triggers for eczema to be:

  • Diet (often the following):
    • Lactose Intolerance
    • Wheat intolerance
    • Meat
  • Stress
  • Temperature
  • Genetic

Gem’s Dry Skin Balm

It is good to find a natural eczema cream/balm that suits your skin and can alleviate your symptoms.  Many homeopaths recommend my products whilst their clients are undergoing treatment in order to gain instant relief whilst they treat your core for a long term solution.

Gem’s Dry Skin Balm does not contain any steroids, which can thin the skin, nor does it contain preservatives, paraffin, parabens or nasty chemicals.  It is 100% natural and every single ingredient aims to heal the skin.  It is extremely important to keep your skin moisturised. Many ingredients in Gem’s Dry Skin Balm have anti-inflammatory properties which reduce inflammation and redness.

I have many long term customers using my ointment, Lydia from Maidenhead claims ‘As far as natural remedies for eczema goes, Gem’s Dry Skin Balm beats any other cream I’ve tried, even the steroids!’  Buy it Now!

Gem’s Tips

I am not a medical practitioner! However, these are some useful recommendations I offer to my customers…

  • Homeopathy
    I always recommend that any eczema sufferer should consult a homeopath – they can help determine what your body may be intolerant to.  My homeopath is excellent, Helen Johnson, based in Marlow with a 6 month waiting list!
  • Nutritionist
    It can be very tricky and disheartening to change your diet once you discover you have intolerance’s so I would recommend visiting a nutritionist to help you find enjoyment in new foods suitable for your diet. Visit
  • The National Eczema Society
    This a great place to find out more information about eczema and it’s good to share stories with other sufferers, so you know you are certainly not alone.
  • Reflexology
    As I worked as a reflexologist for a number of years, I know the enormous healing benefits with reflexology not only for your body but also for calming your mind.  Reflexology cured me from migraines which I used to suffer from in my early 20s.
  • Yoga
    Yoga is an excellent way to calm the mind whilst toning the body.  It’s a form of active meditation as it focuses the mind on breathing therefore helping to eliminate other thoughts.  It is also an excellent preventative for premature aging of the spine.  I have a couple of yoga gurus I would recommend highly:
  • Drink water & healthy diet
  • Drinking lots of water is excellent for the skin and flushing the body out of toxins.  As I’m sure you’re aware, a healthy vegetable full diet is good for your body as a whole too.
  • Therapy
    I always recommend therapy to help ease your mind of negative thoughts.  Whatever the cause of your eczema, whether it was worry and stress in the first place or not, once the eczema arrives, you can feel depressed and unattractive. Negative thoughts can acerbate eczema, therefore making it even worse. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy can train your mind to think differently and therefore stop negative thoughts taking over.