Eczema Relief

Eczema Relief Advice from Gem’s Natural Skin Care

Eczema Relief

A good start to achieving eczema relief is knowing your everyday surroundings and what ‘triggers’ could possibly cause a flare up of eczema, such as irritants, allergens, stress, diet and lifestyle. Once you are aware of your skin’s vulnerabilities, eczema can be managed, maybe by using our natural eczema cream, in order to maintain a more comfortable and happier life.

For most cases eczema is manageable with an appropriate daily skin care regime that works for you, perhaps consider trying Gem’s Organic Dry Skin Balm as a cream for eczema.

Eczema relief will require a level of discipline, but once you have cracked it, it will all be worthwhile. Take the ethos about forming a new habit – it has been known that 21 days is the average it takes someone to ‘get into the habit’ or become used to something that isn’t part of ones normal routine.

1.      Create a daily skin care routine – hopefully if you’re reading this page, you’ll be using a natural skin treatment to help with eczema. It’s crucial that you stick to your treatment application. If using Gem’s Dry Skin Balm, twice a day as a minimum to reduce inflammation.

2.      Balance a diet good for your skin – no one person is the same. It is worthwhile speaking to a dietician and/or homoeopath. Their advice could be invaluable; you may even have an allergy to something you use/eat everyday that you’re not aware of.

3.      Stress – known as one of the key triggers. Modern day life is not easy for most, but evaluating where stress accentuates most will help you find a solution. A specialist will be able to equip you with stress relieving techniques that can be very effective in providing relief.

4.      Bathing in warm water and using a good quality natural body lotion will give your skin a chance to replenish moisture loss.

5.      Avoid scratching and rubbing. Probably easier said then done, but dressing in breathable materials and avoiding itchy fabrics like wool will help prevent the itching occurring.

6.      Natural Therapies – Homeopathy, Meditation, Reflexology, Yoga.

When visiting a Homeopath, they will be able to perform tests to show if you have any existing allergies, which could be triggering eczema. Appropriate natural remedies can be provided to help with the allergy and in turn should help with eczema relief.