Galbanum Oil

Galbanum Oil Healing Properties & Benefits

Ferula galbaniflua resin oil

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Galbanum Oil from the Galbanum Plant - An Ingredient in Gem's Cream

Healing Properties:

A wonderfully exotic oil taken from the gum resin of the Galbanum plant found in the mountains of Iran.

Used by Egyptians, this oil contains excellent anti-aging properties as well as helps the skin regenerate.

Also works as an insecticide and keeps bugs away! People use it on snake bites for it’s anti-infectious properties and also on arthritis for it’s anti-inflammatory properties and it aids circulation.

It is very good for calming the mind too.

Ingredient Benefits:

– Regenerates skin cells – Detoxifying – De-stressing – Anti-infectious – Anti-inflammatory – Anti-spasmodic