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Gem’s Dry Skin Balm is a natural ointment targeted at combating dry, sensitive, troubled skin, also suitable for eczema and other skin conditions.

Sold in 30ml, 60ml, 120ml or 250ml glass jars with a screw top, weighing under 300g. Added bonus: Gem’s Dry Skin Balm is beeswax based which means a little goes a long way, so your jar will last you a long time!

GOLD winner for Problem Skin in the Freefrom Skincare Awards 2015

Contains sweet almond oil. Tested for age 3+.



Gem’s Natural Dry Skin Balm is a natural cream for soothing all types of dry, sore and itchy skin. Also a suitable natural cream for Eczema, Rosacea and Psoriasis. 100% Natural Dry Skin Balm. Sold in glass jars with a screw top, weighing under 300g. Click here to see a full list of wonderful ingredients.

Using Gem’s natural dry skin cream for Eczema

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Ingredient Policy

No artificial ingredients or fragrances – all fragrances are natural aromas from our list of natural ingredients, see our ingredients here.

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60ml, 120ml, 250ml, 30ml

8 reviews for Natural Dry Skin Balm

  1. Ednezer Pinto, London

    The dry skin cream is great! I’m very happy with the results obtained with the cream that you develop, you had the opportunity to see live and see the good that it did me.

  2. Kathryn (verified owner)

    I have used the baby skin balm & now using the dry skin balm on my son’s eczema. After trying many prescribed & many bought creams this is the only one that I’ve found that actually keeps his eczema calm. We still have flare ups & he’s still itchy at times but the flares ups are no where near as bad as they were without gems cream. AND it smells amazing. Since starting to use gems cream I think I’ve had to stop & use prescribed steroids once maybe twice in approx 18months compared to every other month before we started using gems.
    We love gems Zachary & Kathryn x

  3. Ilsa Pole

    I have occasional flare ups of psoriasis. I bought Gem’s dry skin balm by chance one day a few weeks ago and was really surprised that it actually works! The psoriasis has not disapeared but it has calmed right down and I go for hours without thinking about it. My skin is no longer cracked and the flaking is almost gone. My doctor was also surprised to see such improvement and wanted the name of the cream. I put a little bit on in the morning, at mid day and before bed. Marvelous. Thank you Gem!

  4. Kara Robinson

    My son Jack has had eczema for years, particularly in creases such as behind knees, inside elbows, under arms, and near groin area. We have tried all kinds of creams, including the harsh steroid ones. Some offered some mild relief, but nothing really helped for any length of time.
    I then tried Gem’s cream, and I was still convinced that nothing would work, so when I applied it and the next morning it looked so much better, I was so surprised. His eczema now, thanks to Gem’s cream, is pretty non existent, but when it does have a flare up, it’s easily managed with the cream.
    It smells beautiful too, which is an added bonus.

  5. Peter Drissell

    Used Gemma’s Cream for an outbreak of contact eczema around neck and thighs. Treated with Hydrocortisone cream for 10 days and didn’t clear. Used Gemma’s Cream for 3 days and it cleared completely. Remarkably effective and I would strongly recommend the product.

  6. Lindsay (verified owner)

    When my daughter had eczema behind her knees as a toddler we tried various prescription creams and steroids but none really helped until we found this which cleared it up within a couple of weeks. 4 years later and she has a couple of small patches again so I’m buying a new jar without even contemplating anything else. It works brilliantly and i love that it’s all natural for my childs skin.

  7. Audrey

    Miraculous cream!
    My son had an allergy to penicillin and developed a bad eczema. The cream did « wonders » on his skin! Thank you so much!

  8. Francesca (verified owner)

    My mum suffers from psoriasis and this balm is the only one that effectively helps her.
    She tried it once when we where in London, she was hopeless cause nothing seemed work for her. Actually we were completely amazed from the results!
    We live in Italy butwe still order this balm online.
    Thanks Gem and your magic balm!
    Hugs from Rome

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