Customer Testimonials

Here are some of our customer testimonials, including comments about how Gem’s Cream has helped with problematic dry skin and even provided eczema relief.

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Tina – Firewoman from Great Missenden

I have 3 girls all who have suffered from horrible eczema and dry skin .. Sophie’s skin would crack and bleed, she would cry in pain and when you see your little 5 year old struggling and you feel so helpless, it breaks your heart.

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Legs-Before-Cream1Legs-Day-1 Legs-Day-2 Legs-Day-3

Debs Bradley, Shropshire

If anyone is a little unsure whether to buy this cream……. don’t hesitate – do it!!! it was the BEST decision i ever made!

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Cracked Sore Skin Treatment

Katie & Noah (3), Barnet

I am so grateful for this product, it has not only brought relief to my son, but a relief to me to find something that has finally helped him. 

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Katie-May-2016-before-300x232 Katie-May-2016-after

This cream has changed my life!

I have suffered with eczema for the last 7 years, with particularly bad patches on my hands. Within a week my skin was dramatically improved and now is almost completely clear. I cannot express how much this has changed everything for me, having eczema in such a visible place really knocked my confidence but now I feel fantastic! Read the full Eczema on Hands Blog post.


June 2015 – Rachael Quinn

Emma, Hyde Heath, Bucks

My son has had eczema for 6 years and we have tried all the creams suggested by the doctor.  Nothing has really seemed to work.  Gemma’s cream was the first cream my son was happy to help me apply…

He liked the way it didn’t sting when he put it on and wasn’t sticky afterwards.  He also liked the fact that there were magic ingredients like carrot oil! As there are no steroids or chemicals in Gemma’s creams and they are only based on natural ingredients, I feared it would not make any difference to the eczema.  However from about day two, we noticed the eczema improve dramatically.  We have used the cream for about a year now and we don’t need to use the cream so regularly, only on flare ups.

TOTALLY BRILLIANT!!! I would highly recommend.

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Ednezer Pinto, London

I’m very happy with the results obtained with the cream that you develop, you had the opportunity to see live and see the good that it did me.  Best wishes for progress and more people suffering from the same thing should visit and obtain the same results as me.  I am very happy and that you for your help.  Thank you very much.


(Left photo of Psoriasis on body, not using cream.  Photo on right, of elbow, using Gem’s Dry Skin Cream for a few weeks)

Gemma Jenkins

I used your cream every day (sometimes twice a day) when I was pregnant and I’m very pleased to say I didn’t get one stretch mark!!! This is even more impressive considering pre-pregnancy I was size 8 and I had a huge 9lb4oz baby!! My bump was absolutely huge and friends and family couldn’t believe I ended up without any stretch marks!

I’m still using your cream, in particular for my hands that are really dry, as I am washing them so frequently with all the nappy changes etc


Vicky Miller, Sauchie, Scotland

My daughter, Paige, was 12 weeks premature so always had problems with her skin as she just wasn’t ready for the outside world.  She has been tortured by itching and the prescribed steroid creams didn’t help much. I don’t like using steroid creams due to her being so young and the long term side effects. So I was looking for a natural alternative and found Gems Dry Skin Cream. You can see the results yourself after just three days application!


Vicky, Shepherds Bush, London

When I get stressed my eczema flares up on my wrists. Gem’s Dry Skin Cream cleared my eczema in about a week, it still flares up of course but as long as I stick at putting the cream on, it keeps the eczema off the skin.  I think it’s a great product, much better than putting hydrocortisone on my skin!

IMG_3251-300x224 vicky-after-cropped-02-300x262

Laura, Essex

Your cream’s great, did wonders for my little girls dry patches in a couple of days!

Donna, Devon

Best eczema cream ever, been using for the last few years xx

Clare, Bucks

I love the skin cream, it is fantastic on my eczema and dry hands ?  Look forward to trying the lip balm ? xx

Ines, Herts

Thank you so much for the cream, it’s improved Oggy’s skin MASSIVELY! ?

Vicky, Dorset

The cream is very effective for dry hands. It made them much softer and where I had cracks around the nails and cuticles, it really helped to clear these up. I used it twice a day at least for a week. 

At first I thought the smell was a bit ‘ furniture polishy’ but it grew on me and I’ve ended up loving it. 

Pip, Sussex

I really love the balm, it has made my dry hand feel much softer and mended my cracked fingers too. It’s not too greasy once it’s rubbed in and it smells lovely too. You have to keep using it to get the benefit. 

I usually use Crabtree and Evelyn’s Gardeners hand cream , which I have loved for years, but I think I have been converted! The Gem balm is more than just a hand cream, Nell had a little dry patch on her forehead which went when I put the balm on.

Laura, Stanmore, Middx

My little girl had very rough red dry patches on the backs of her arms. After using Gems her arms are now like a gem!

June 2015 – Laura Mintz

All products Consistently good

I have been buying the dry skin cream for a couple of years . I use it for my elderly mums dry skin on her legs. It is the best skin cream by far . My mum now needs oxygen so the lip balm is perfect due to all the natural ingredients .

May 2015 – Paula St aubyn

I recommend gems cream to everyone!

I recommend gems cream to everyone. I started using it on my son when he suffered an eczema flare up aged 4. It was amazing and having tried many other products he nicknamed it “magic warm cream.” (The process of rubbing the cream to create a oil was a lot more soothing for his sore skin than cold greasy lotions). The eczema is now gone but we both still use it for post swimming dry skin, my sore winter weather hands and have recently found it great for flaky scalp flare ups too. Thank you!

May 2015 – Della Richardson

Wonder cream!

I bought this cream for my daughter who was suffering terrible eczema. We’ve used it now for over a year and her eczema is now only very mild and sporadic. The cream has done what steroids and other creams couldn’t achieve. I always recommend it to friends and use it for dry hands myself. We love it.

May 2015 – Sam millward

Wonderful product

I bought the dry skin balm a good while ago for my partner who had a terrible problem with very dry skin on his knees and elbows – it worked brilliantly and works into the skin quickly once you get used to it. Don’t be put off by the fact that it seems very thick. Now, don’t laugh here, I have been using it on my elderly Spaniel’s nose because he gets a lot of skin trouble during spring and summer. Tablets help, but Gems really makes him feel so much more comfortable. Without it he is constantly rubbing it, until it bleeds at times. He runs over to get it on when he sees me pick the pot up! I bet you never expected that in a review! But it’s true, many thanks.

May 2015 – Valerie Besl

dry skin and eczema

this cream is just amazing No more itching sensation and eczema is gone after few days. Thank you very much

May 2015 – Gui burguez

Fantastic product

I’ve used this for over a year now on my hands and it keeps the eczema at bay and my skin supple. Smells lush too!!

May 2015 – Julia Wilcockson-smith

It has done wonders

I used this cream on my little girls very red dry backs of her arms. It has done wonders, as smooth as her bottom now. This is a brilliant cream.

June 2015 – Laura Mintz

Heather, Crockham Hill

Years ago I was recommended Gem’s cream by a friend for my daughter’s eczema. I bought it. Around the same time her nut allergy arose and I dared not try it on her sensitive skin. (I found it amazing on my hands in the meantime). Recently my daughter got the all clear for almond allergy and we have plied this cream on her eczema and it is more effective than anything we have used before. Thank you Gem! I have ordered more for all our skin needs!

February 2015 – Heather Kelso

Within two days it was nearly all healed!!!

I was introduced to this cream 3 years ago by a friend as my son had very dry and sore skin around his mouth which I’d tried everything on and hadn’t managed to clear it up. Within two days it was nearly all healed!!! I could not believe it!! And the cream lasts for so long aswell, as a very small amount goes a very long way! I’ve just bought the biggest pot to replace the little one I bought a couple of years ago. Plus I also got the lip balm stick which is fantastic too! I cannot recommend this cream enough!!

January 2015 – Zukey Jishikukuto

Two separate very happy repeat customers who come to Portobello Market, Valerie and Kiara, helping their dry skin & facial eczema!


December 2015 – Valerie & Kiara

Charlotte Kelly

Thanks to you! My eczema I have been suffering for years with had finally disappeared. For years i have been trying to get rid of it and have tried many things, and now my skin is back to normal. I will sure be back to buy some more and I would recommend you to everyone. Thanks once again.

Emma Beale

I have been using this cream on my itchy sore feet for a week or so and its fab, lovely and thick and soothing.

Minal Gudka

The cream is amazing!

For some reason, I had a very irritated, dry and itchy scalp and I have been using the cream and left it over night. I have done so only twice and it has made a huge difference! More then any anti dandruff shampoo or treatment.

Becky Mantin, ITV Weather Presenter

Thank you for making such amazing cream! Really seems to be helping my son’s eczema & just reordered! So grateful! Xx

Danuta Lewis, Buckinghamshire

My daughter  Helena is using your ointment on her arms for hydration to counteract the chemicals she comes into contact on a daily basis as a model-maker in the film industry.

This has been very helpful. I use it for dry skin on my hands with good results.

Brian Mulreany, Glasgow

I have suffered from dry skin for years in my scalp and on my shoulders in particular.
I use a steroid cream as a last resort but Gem’s Dry Skin Cream has almost negated the need for steroid cream. Highly recommended and 100% natural!

Crystal, Swindon

Can’t believe how amazing gems cream is we have tried so many different creams prescribed from the dr and nothing helped my 19 month old daughters eczema we even had a water softener installed (very expensive) which only made the slightest difference she was still constantly itching till her skin bled and having constant flare ups we were given steroid cream which only helped a bit and I wasn’t happy about using something as strong as steroid cream on a 19 month old I did as much re search online and came across gems cream so divided to give it a go I honestly never expected the results we got my daughter is now completely eczema free not even the tiniest bit of eczema on her and she used to be covered in it head to toe she’s not even itching any more and seems so much happier and all this in just under a week of using gems cream! I’m amazed and so so thankful and can’t recommend this cream enough!

Rachel, Peterborough

Hi, I felt I had to post as I am honestly so overwhelmed with gratitude for your product! My 6 yr old suffers terribly with eczema and cream after cream prescribed by GPs have not helped, helped for a short while or actually made things worse! I stoked across your FB page last week and as the testimonials on your website are so great, and your product is completely natural, I thought we would give it a try. I cannot believe the effect in just 4 days since receiving the cream. My daughters skin looks better than it has in years, she is able to sleep without pain and itching and has no discomfort whatsoever from the cream itself, unlike her prescribed creams. It is early days but we are amazed and so grateful for what you have done for our beautiful girl and would (and in fact already have started to..) recommend your products to anyone with dry skin or eczema. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Elizabeth, Shropshire

This cream has worked wonders with the eczema on my sons face. Cleared it up after a few days. We tried all the steroid creams before so very pleased!

Sarah, Bucks

Thank you Gemma for helping my 2 year old son to stop scratching! He has had bad eczema since he was a baby and it has really bothered him since he had chicken pox. He had started to scratch until he bled. Steroid creams and emollients prescribed by the dr didn’t seem to be helping and I was about to resort to antihistamine to stop the itch. Then I remembered Gem’s Dry Skin Cream having worked with Gemma in the past. In just 2 applications (so a day) my son’s back is clearer than it has been in months and he has stopped scratching. It is taking longer for the deeper, nastier bits to go but it is no longer a battle to put cream on like it was. He obviously finds the cream soothing and not burning like the creams of before.


This cream is great!  I ordered some last week for me and some of my clients and I love it already. Clears cracked skin in days!


This is such a fantastic product and has so many uses! It cleared up my17 month olds eczema on the back of his knees in 2days so you can’t tell he ever had it. It also cleared up an eczema type rash on my 4 year olds bottom ( from his night time pull ups) in about 4 days. Plus he doesn’t like having creams put on but after a day he wanted it on his elbows as they felt itchy and it sorted that out too! It softens my dry winter hands really quickly and leaves them so lovely and soft, i even used it on a couple of dry patches on my face and that improved massively in a couple of days and was lovely as it didn’t sting like a lot of face creams when you have sensitive skin. I really love this product and can’t recommend it enough; the way it is made with all natural ingredients is brilliant, it’s definitely going to be a staple product in our household, so thank you!

Rebecca Bone

Have had dreadful dermatitis on my hands for over 10 years & had allergy tests & multiple dermatology reviews over the years with little help. I am allergic to every commercial hand cream that I have tried, including aqueous cream, diprobase & all the usual creams for problem skin. I have used steroid creams for years, with what has seemed like little effect, but felt I had to do SOMETHING when my hands were raw & bleeding. I had permanently sore hands, several times a year I would lose the complete layer of skin on a finger, or on half of my palm. Since using Gem’s cream, over a year now, I have not had anything like this. My skin is not perfect- I have itchy patches & episodes but no open wounds. No pain (it used to keep me awake at night). I rarely use steroid cream now, & when I do, only for short periods. This cream has surpassed my expectations & given me hands I never thought I’d have again. Life changing. Please don’t EVER stop making it Gem! Thank you for giving me my hands back!

Sarah-Jane Melvin, Bucks

I just wanted to congratulate you on your amazing cream! My six year old daughter has had horrid dry skin around her mouth since December and nothing has worked, in fact a cream prescribed by our doctor made it even worse! However, just three days of using yours and it’s all but gone, A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

Louise Cemal, Surrey

Love love love your cream. I had chronic psoriasis on my legs and it has cleared up! Can’t believe it so thank you!

Karen Robertson

A great product. My hands really suffer in the winter and the cream makes them so soft and the skin on my hands has not cracked since I have been using Gem’s Cream. My daughter, Lisa, loves the extreme lip balm and am now going to also try the conditioning balm.

Angela, Neath

I just wanted to tell you how fab your products are. I have rosacea and get two nasty rough patches on my cheeks either side of nose, so I tried your cream. Perfect! It’s also the only thing I have ever used when I have a cold on my poor sore nose that doesn’t sting.

I use the lip balm in the pot every night, but the one that comes in the lipstick type container has been stolen and hidden by the cat!

Ten out of ten for such fab products!

Jacqui, Gloucestershire

I wanted to thank you for your cream, I have had really bad itchy eczema for nine years and now for the first time in all those years the patches on my legs are healed and not itching!  I am so grateful to you.  I had UVB treatment, steroid creams (some of which made the eczema worse) and every type of lotion and potion you can imagine.  None of those things worked for a sustained period I even tried weird and wonderful remedies suggested by friends.  Then I found your dry skin cream and one pot of the cream saw the patches shrink and heal, now I just have the raised patches that were once so sore.

Kate Smith, London

The girls in my office are in love with your cream! They are calling it Gem’s Magic Cream! My colleague Tracy is totally obsessed with it!

Donna B

Love Gems cream, i use it on skin blemishes and its great in cuticles. My 17 yr old daughter uses it on dry skin patches and on spots too! Great little healer.

Gabi Hughes

My son had terrible excema on his inner thighs and tops of legs. None of the normal treatments worked but Gem’s Cream worked within 24 hours for him. Its now all cleared up and if he gets itchy we put some on and stop it in its tracks!

Katy, Bucks

Your baby cream is brilliant! I started using it when Rosie was just 8 weeks old after the doctor mentioned a steroid cream to clear up her eczema on her face and behind her ears, so I thought I’d give your baby cream a try as I prefer to use more natural products on her young skin. Within a few days it started to improve and would only flare up when she cried or was hot. Now she is 12 weeks and I only use it once a day when it feels a little dry, it sorts it out straight away before it gets to that red inflamed stage. I’m really pleased I gave it a go.

Michaela, Great Missenden, Bucks

My daughter has horrendous eczema and since I used your cream its disappeared!!! You are wonderful.

Sheila, Northwich

I bought your cream for dry skin on my hands but have found another amazing use for it. I have thin skin on my legs and gashed my leg a few months ago which has left me with a red scar and also a large lump. I had been using a proprietary scar reduction cream with not much success but when it ran out I thought I would try your cream and I have been amazed at the results. The redness is barely visible and the raised part of the scar has reduced considerably. I shall be ordering more before this runs out. Thank you.

Anand, London

Just wanted to say a huge thanks for this cream! Really has made a huge difference in my quality of life and it has cleared up my dry skin, eczema really well! Cannot thank you enough and would happily recommend this to anybody looking for a natural way to combat dry skin! …And it smells so damn good as well! 🙂

Laura, London

Hiya, just wanted to say…My 10 month old had been prescribed creams from the docs for her dry skin but nothing worked! I bought a pot from of (your) Gems Cream and within 4 days using it twice a day it had cleared up. TRULY FAB CREAM…thanks. Would recommend to anyone and DEF buy again xxx

Cindy & Kirk

“I can now say that after putting your cream on my 7 yr old son’s arm for 3-4 wks, it has worked wonders.  He has been suffering eczema on his arm for 8 months now.  After using a mixture of mild steroid creams on prescription and over the counter creams and ointments we only had brief spells of relief before it came back.

At one point my sons arm was bleeding so badly and so painful he couldn’t go to his swimming classes. We have been using your cream (which smells divine) and within days the eczema has disappeared.

My husband and I both use it religiously on our hands and love it. I am going to buy lots to give to friends and family and spread the word.”

Pippa, Bucks

A couple of months ago I saw your Gem’s dry skin cream in Peterley farm shop. As a sufferer of eczema since I was a teenager (20 years of it on my hands and occasionally face and arms) I decided to buy some and give it a go. I’m am absolutely thrilled with the results. Within 2 weeks of using the cream my hands made a huge improvement. Now 2 months on my eczema on my hands has cleared and I have had none on my face/arms. Any redness or itching has completely gone. I am so delighted I found your cream. It’s good value too as it goes a long way and beats paying out for prescription creams that never work. I have recommended it to many family and friends and they are very keen to give it a try as they can see the huge difference it has made to my hands so I have given them the website details. I am keen to give you my feedback so you can be aware that it’s really helping people and hopefully you will continue to make it. Many thanks and well done on creating a great skin product.

David, Suffolk

I was rather a sceptic about Gem’s Cream, because usually if something sounds too good to be true it is. However, after a few days of use my partner’s patch of eczema has virtually disappeared. We are now converts! Not only does it work where other creams fail, but the small jar will last for ages as it is so economical.

Emma, Northallerton

My son is 2 ½ and suffers with really bad eczema on his chest, arms and legs. Its hard to tell a toddler not to scratch! We’d tried various creams from the doctors but if anything they just made it worse and at one point it was cracked and bleeding. Not nice at all.

We love Gem’s Cream….his chest has cleared so much. I apply it twice a day (morning and after his bath) and as much during the day as I can remember. Its improved dramatically in the last two weeks!

Kathryn, Bucks

I periodically get a horrid form of psoriasis which looks like cigarette burns all over my body and is itchy and flaky. It takes months to go and I have previously been prescribed steroids and various emollients as well as being “cooked” for up to 25 mins a time 3 times a week for 2 months in an nhs tanning machine – great for the tan but takes an age to improve the skin. It’s really depressing. I’ve just had a flare up and have a family wedding coming up and been desperate about how to cover up. I started using Gems Cream properly on it 2 weeks ago and already it has faded so much it’s barely noticeable. It seems to have stopped any more spots appearing and there is no itch at all! Nothing has ever worked like this. I am now using it on my 2 yr old sons eczema with great results! Please design a shampoo Gemma, it’s only my head that is now a problem! Cannot recommend this highly enough!

Geraldine, Dublin

We received your cream and started applying immediately as directed. It has been such a success and the only complaint that my daughter has is that it tickles as I apply it!! She loves the smell of it and kept saying initially each time I applied it: ‘It smells like a flower’. We hadn’t used it for the last few days and this evening I caught her using it herself – I think because she loves the smell! ‘Smell my hands’ she said.  So a big thank-you!

Tom, Welwyn Garden City

My 4 year old daughter has had *bad* eczema for several years. The doctors have prescribed steroid creams (which we use only when it gets *really* bad and refuse to use the rest of the time) or emollient creams which, while not bad, do not cure it by any means, and only give a way to control it some of the time.

As she has gotten older, and started school, we have had the additional issues of school uniforms made of non-cotton materials making it worse, and have had to carefully find cotton equivalents of everything. Meanwhile she increasingly scratches till it bleeds and is regularly miserable.

Read more about Treatment for Bad Eczema.


Mrs Sharif (63)

My mother suffers from Sjogren’s Syndrome, which leaves the skin very dehydrated.  So I bought a pot of Gem’s Dry Skin Cream for her.  After only a month, she noticed a considerable difference on her dry skin.  She said it was the best cream she had tried.

Charlie, London

Just wanted to say how amazing this product is! I have had eczema since birth, I get a bad patch on my neck and it is so sever on my hands that last week I couldn’t even bend my fingers. I am a student nurse, so it is even harder to keep my hands soft! I have been using the cream for just 3 days and already the patch on my neck is virtually gone and I can bend my fingers! They are still dry but not bleeding and I am confident that in a week or so they will be soft and free of dry skin.
Worth every penny and I recommend it to anyone with eczema or dry skin!

Rebecca, London

Basically, since the age of about 1 my daughter Florence has had dry, cracked skin on the backs of her legs and the crook of one arm. I took her to the GP who did the usual thing of prescribing a steroid. I took the prescription despite having no intention of using it. I took her back a few weeks later to a different GP who insisted that he had the magic cure which was an emollient cream. I was far happier with this and when I first applied it the skin was much improved.

But like anything, her skin got used to it and then the condition got worse. Flo developed new patches of eczema and the old ones started to crack and bleed. She was constantly itching and crying in pain.

If I’m honest, when this cream was suggested to me I thought it would be another product pushed to the back of the cupboard and was incredibly sceptical. But, as I am incredibly supportive of holistic therapies, I figured it had to be worth a try. I cannot tell you, but I am sure lots of others have, how incredible this cream is. Within a day Flo’s skin showed signs of improvement.the redness disappeared overnight and it took a couple more days of application to see an improvement in her skin texture.

I have been a make up artist for years and have never come across a product like it. A couple of weeks ago I was panicking about my three year old being scarred and now you wouldn’t believe she had ever had eczema. For that I can’t thank you enough.

Helene, London

it smells and feels wonderful, i haven’t got eczema but have dry and very sensitive skin. I am so pleased with your lovely product, don’t change a thing !

Karen, London

This cream is wonderful for my dry, menopausal skin. I put it regularly on my hands, cuticles and even use it as a weekly facial treatment (instead of my moisturiser). Result? Soft, hydrated skin. Brilliant product, brilliant price.

Camilla, London

Very impressed with the cream – my son is 2 1/2 and spent last summer going to bed in tubigrips to stop him scratching his arms and legs.  I read about the cream a few weeks ago in the Telegraph, and started using it on my son as soon as the warmer weather appeared and his skin started looking blotchy – touch wood, a few weeks in his skin has remained completely clear.

Nikki Maine

Hi, just want to say Gem’s Dry Skin Cream is amazing! I had been reluctantly using steroid creams on and off for months on a patch of dermatitis on my face but it never totally went away. After literally a couple of days of using your cream, it has gone! Even if it does return I would be happy to use the cream long term as it is all natural and smells gorgeous. It is now my daily handcream and will be going on my feet once the weather has warmed up and I can bear to take my socks off! Thank you, wonderful product.

Jan Cox, Cornwall

We were visiting London from Cornwall last weekend and I stopped at your stall in Portobello Rd on Saturday. Thank Goodness!! I showed you my hand dermatitis which had flared up particularly badly. You promised that your cream would work so I bought a large pot. Well, less than one week later my hands are now almost back to normal. After a year of trying steroids (worked whilst taking but returned immediately I stopped), steroid creams and every other cream, lotion and potion available, yours has worked where everything else has failed miserably!! I think I will be using it forever so I feel another trip to London to buy more may be in order soon. Thank you so much. xx

Anna, Bucks

Hi gem, would like to say a huge thank you for making the only cream to actually help my very dry chapped hands…it’s awesome. Has also cleared up some dry skin on my 4 year old son’s arms which eczema cream was not helping. He said it was magic and smelled beautiful :-). Bless! Can’t thank you enough really x

Mike Adamson, Scotland

Well Gem where do i start, I think its important to say a year ago i went to the doctor and they said that the small lesion on the top of my right arm was a very mild form of cancer caused by sun damage and the course of treatment was cream much to my dismay the cream did not work and then you kindly gave me some of your cream,for a mild case of eczema, for Grace and while the cream stood in the bathroom I decided to try using it on my little raised spot ,well much to my surprise and delight, the cream worked!  So thank you and carry on making this wonderful product ….I fully endorse the use of Gems Cream I’ve seen it work on other sensitive rashes as well as my own.

Tracey, Potters Bar

I brought your cream as my husband suffers from really dry cracked skin on his hands due to being a chef and washing his hands all day. Its amazing, in 3 days it has achieved what prescription creams failed to do. His hands are better than they have been for months!! What a fantastic product!

Policeman, Portobello Road

I had tried everything on my dry, chapped hands which I’ve had all winter, Gem’s Cream has completely cleared them up!

Donna, London

Just want to thank Gem for her amazing cream. My 5 year old Felix suffers with eczema, I’ve tried so many over the counter creams, but none of them really worked. I really don’t want to use a steroid cream. I discovered Gems dry skin cream last year and its all I use now, it completely took the eczema away after regular use twice a day. Thanks again Gem

Naomi Ellis

I am 26 years old and have suffered from eczema my whole life.  It mainly occurs on my face which means I can’t use steroid creams on it.  Normally I would just moisturise for weeks and hope it goes away, fully aware people would be looking at the scabs all over my face.  The I found Gem’s Dry Skin Cream and I’m never looking back!  Within one day, the inflammation had gone down and within days it was gone!  So all I can say is THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Treen Boon, Bucks

Having had for many years finger nails that split and break, I have tried many hand and nail creams to improve the situation without success until I tried Gem’s Dry Skin Cream and was delighted with the result.  I could see almost immediately the improvement.  I have now been using this cream overnight on a daily basis smoothing a little into each nail bed and now have nails that are strong and improved enough that I can enjoy applying nail polish.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Gem’s Dry Skin Cream for nourishing and improving the health of the nail bed.

Jo McKenna, NW10

This cream is really amazing, I have rosacea and it really calmed it down.  Having been so depressed with doctors saying ‘it’s incurable’…this has almost cured it.  I have recommended it to lots of people with all types of skin ailments.  They are all raving about it.

Amy Lee Cowey, Sunderland

Had dry elbows one night, put a small bit of Gem’s Cream on and it was gone overnight.  AMAZING.

Tina, Sweden

Used to be dry around my nose and red.  After three days using this cream, the redness disappeared and I’m not that dry anymore!  Brilliant product!

Susie Parsons

Brilliant skin cream – love the magic!

Endz, Mexico

It’s a great cream, it really works.  My daughter had this problem with eczema and I’ve tried all the creams in the pharmacy but nothing works.  I bought this cream from Portobello Market and everything disappears from the first time she used it and it never comes back.  Thanks.

Vicky, Suffolk

I use the dry skin cream on my babys eczema which is now completely cleared up thanks to your cream!

Lila, Birmingham

Thankyou so much Gem ! I’ve been using your dry skin cream for over 2 months now and my eczema has literally disapeared ! And the cream lasts forever, thankyou !

Ida, London

I have many experiences with organic creams and they always takes time to work. Your cream works perfectly from the day one. When I applied it on my son he had good sleep without scratching himself after a long time. He also named it The Magic cream.    Thank you.

Moira, Notting Hill

Works amazingly well on very dry skin.

Holly, Notting Hill

As Gem’s Cream is quick thick, it works as a good barrier and stops you scratching and breaking the skin!

Vicky, London

I saw your stall on Portobello market, I really hoped it would work for my 10 month old girl who had bad eczema on the back of her knees and it did! it has gone down by at least 70%, she is teething right now so it has flared up again but the cream still makes it better than i have ever seen it…thank you so much! i will be spreading the word…stuff the doctors and their steroid cream hahaha!! x

Pam, London

I brought a pot of cream on a Saturday (Portobello) and by Tuesday the patch of eczema, (or whatever it is) in my arm pit, was healing – and by Saturday it had almost completely gone – brilliant!

Hannah, High Wycombe

It turns out my very expensive Clinique is whats causing my eye’s to go dry, have been using Gem’s cream and it is all cleared up, heaps better and a lot cheaper!!!

Richard, Wendover

Can I just say I met Gemma at the Wendover show and bought some cream as when applying a sample, it completely tamed by skin. I’ve had a form of dermatitis for years and it gets very painful, fingertips cracking and open sores. Since using this cream, I have not had any cracking or sores which is frankly amazing and improved my quality of life no end. I’m getting married in August and was worried about close up hand photos of the wedding rings but I am no longer worried thanks to Gem’s cream. Looking forward to a winter with no more dry, painful hands. Can highly recommend this product, even more so as it’s completely natural. I’ve just received my delivery of another 2 pots so thanks so much and good luck with the product. I think you’re sitting on a potential gold mine! 😀

Niamh, London

I passed your stall in portobello and stopped to look at the colour photos showing the reduction of redness on the backs of a pair of legs. I was really impressed by what I saw and decided to buy a pot.
To be honest, I only half believed it might work as I have been drawn in by those sort of ad campaigns before and have been disappointed by the results and left out of pocket.
My 6 year old daughter had been complaining of itchiness, dryness and redness on the backs of her knees for a week or so. I racked my brains wondering if it was the washing powder, had I bought a different brand than usual? I decided to apply Gems cream twice a day and to my relief it really did work. 2 days later the difference was noticeable and by the 4th day all symptoms had disappeared. I was amazed and have since recommended it to friends and family. Thank you. Also I hardly used very much of it all so its always at hand for any dry patches that appear.

Carol, La Roche Sur Yon, France

My husband has had psoriasis for 17 years, Gem’s cream has help so much this winter, it is the first year his hands have not cracked and bled. Using the cream every day keeps his hands moist (first time ever) no other cream has done this either from the doctor or just E45. Gem’s Dry Skin Cream is a great product and helps alot. Thank you!

Fiona, London

My rosacea’s hormonal and has given me quite large red patches on my face – cheeks and forehead – which become very angry and even scaly at times, as the skin dries out badly and flakes away. Your cream hasn’t been able to help with reducing the dilation of veins below the skin that cause the redness, of course, but it’s helped enormously to hydrate the skin, make the dryness a thing of the past and restore suppleness to my facial skin, which has been fantastic: so few creams have been able to help. The hydration in turn has soothed the inflammation, so my face is very much calmer. So I’m very pleased to have stumbled across it and will recommend it to anyone with a dry skin condition.

Emma, Evesham

I met you at Evesham show and I put cream on my little girls eczema on her arm and the eczema has practically vanished only an hour later, I just had to let you know!! I will recommend you to all my friends!

Caroline, London

Our 3 year old daughter has terrible eczema flair ups on her legs and arms, before finding your brilliant cream we used paraffin based cream and then steroid creams to clear it up. But now using your cream her eczema really has reduced wonderfully and now it is very rare for us to have to break out the steroid cream! Thank you very much.

Sarah, London

It is wonderful and cleared up my eczema within days! I can’t quite believe it!

Steve Sydenham, Devon

I’m very pleased to inform you that Gem’s Dry Skin Cream is definitely doing the job…

My hands, which prior to obtaining a supply of the cream from you were constantly splitting and were very sore for much of the time.  Since I started using the cream, I have only had minor problems with my hands and the overall improvement is extremely impressive.  I had tried many different creams and lotions prior to this without any success to speak of.

Lianne Avery, Torquay, Devon

Gem’s dry skin cream was a miracle cream for my dog’s pads on his feet…

He had really cracked pads which were starting to cause a slight limp, I asked at the vets and it was going to cost a fortune to get a ‘doggy moisturiser’ so I looked at some on the human market.  The problem with them was the ingredients and the scent.  Alfie (my dog) would have licked off the remains of whatever I had put on so I couldn’t use anything that wasn’t just natural ingredients!  I came across Gem’s dry skin cream and thought I would give it a go, I knew it was great from the start, it didn’t agitate him at all and if he did lick it, it made no difference.  His pads have completely cleared up with only one application a week and to be honest I think he quite likes the little massage that comes with it!!  I have recommended it to friends with pets and I know that my friends Staffordshire bull terrier had a very sore patch of eczema on his back.  After only about 2 months this has almost completely gone and with having to suffer with it for 3 years, they are extremely amazed!  Thank you Gemma from me and Alfie!!

Fern, Gt Missenden, Bucks

After receiving the cream from Gemma, i introduced it to my three year old half sister who has suffered previously with baby eczema and skin has continuously been very dry.

On the first application she was excited to use it as, she agreed it smells allot better than the creams previously prescribed. We then continued this process twice daily for a two week period, into the second week the skin appeared much smoother and as a result allot less itchy. We have continued beyond the two week period and we have noticed more improvements in the condition of her skin. As a Hairdresser myself i often suffer from dermititus, a very common problem in the trade caused by contact with chemicals. Whilst applying the cream to my little sister i also found that i soothed the cracked skin that appears between my fingers and on my knuckles. i also used the cream for a two week period and it has cleared it completely. Both me and my sister have been very pleased with the results.

Claire, Maidenhead

Having spent 10 years working in varied environments where my hands go from extreme cold to extreme warmth,

I found my skin was dry, rough and got very sore in the winter.  Since using your cream, this has stopped happening and it’s only been a few weeks!  I’m recommending your cream to anyone with dry skin!

Jane Sill, Editor, Yoga and Health Magazine

The lady I tried it out on has psoriasis said it was the best cream she had tried!

I have tried out a few creams on this lady throughout the years and this is the first time she has volunteered how much she liked it before I asked!

Lisa, Herts

My eczema has definitely improved with regular use of Gem’s Dry Skin Cream. I can feel it working as soon as I apply it. It’s great on dry elbows too!

Sue, Yeovil, Somerset

My daughter Claire gave me a jar of your cream and after only a week, my poor feet are so much better.

I’ve had terrible sore feet for years and they are all healed and not at all inflamed. It is the first time in years that the eczema has gone, there is no inflammation or soreness. At last I can walk without any pain. Thank you.

Ann, High Wycombe

I thought you would be interested to know, my daughters face has completely cleared up. In fact it actually took about 5 days applied every evening!! Thank you very much for your fantastic cream.

Kirsty, Maidenhead

My daughter has suffered from eczema since she was a baby and we have tried all sorts of remedies & creams over the years. A friend recommended Gem’s Cream

and gave us a sample pot to try. Almost overnight we saw a huge difference and over a period of week a persistent patch of eczema had cleared up completely, a fantastic result. We immediately purchased several pots and my daughter is so pleased her skin is better and no longer has to suffer the horrible itchiness associated with eczema. The cream sinks into the skin (no sticking to your clothes) and seems to really soothe the skin, smells lovely & is completely natural. I highly recommend this cream to anybody, it works!

Ann, Aylesbury, Bucks

I was at the Henley Show and happened upon your table and didn’t really hold out much hope but thought, what the heck, and asked to try some. I put the sample on my face and by the time I got to the car, I realized what a huge difference there was. I have had stress eczema all across my eyes for the past few weeks and it constantly feels as if I have things pasted to my face, with your cream that all went away.

Dan, Hyde Heath, Bucks

Overall I would use this as it is one of the only products that is effective time after time and gives you a sense that there are creams out there for all skins even if you had given up hope.

Lucy, Peterborough

Love your cream have really bad hands and your cream works a treat!

Absolutely Brilliant!

I suffer with severe contact dermatitis on my hands which blistered and cracked my skin almost continuously. The doctors prescribed various paraffin based lotions as well as steroid creams which only seemed to stop the itching. Gem’s cream has soothed my skin and with regular use has prevented blistering and weeping. Worth every penny and would highly recommend to anyone with skin conditions such as mine.

November 2014 – Molly Cox